Medical Business Partners



We are a young organization, passionate about improving healthcare in our community! Our mission is to make practicing medicine enjoyable for doctors again. We strive to inspire physicians to grow their practice and not feel overwhelmed or discouraged by all the “red tape” in healthcare. We specialize in revenue cycle management, workflow optimization, and consulting services, all geared at simplifying physicians getting paid faster, increasing revenues, and enhancing the lives of their patients!

How Medical Business Partners can help

Compliance Services :

  • Charts review and coding educational sessions with providers
  • HIPAA  and compliance review and training

Revenue Cycle Management :

Comprehensive financial and billing review, analysis, and recommendations, including:

  • Billing and coding staff training
  • Developing a revenue cycle improvement and optimization plan
  • Trends analysis, billing reports, and feedback

Creation and implementation of in-house billing department, including:

  • Developing protocols and procedures
  • Selecting staff and training them on different roles in the billing department
  • Developing a checks and balance system
  • Creating workflow for most efficiency and effectiveness
  • Establishing reporting and accountability system within the billing department and the organization


  • Customer service training
  • Total patient experience set-up and coaching

New Practice Start-up:

  • Advice and guidance on best ways to set-up the practice and necessary steps for optimal practice operation
  • Credentialing and re-credentialing services
  • Development of workflow, processes, and protocols
  • Implementation of in-house billing department or development of protocols for an outsourced billing department, for maximum success and revenues
  • EMR/PM software assistance and advice
  • HIPAA and compliance review and assistance

Medical Business Partners Advisors

Don’t see a service you need? No problem, give us a call anyway! There are many other services we offer to our healthcare providers, that aren’t listed above. If we don’t provide the service you need, we’d be happy to share a list of our local partners who offer additional support to our healthcare community!

Julia Konovalov Co-founder, Medical Business Partners
Kate Gilman Co-founder, Medical Business Partners


  • Elite chiropractic & sport

    Joshua Bross, DC, CCSP, CSCS, MS

    I highly recommend Medical Business Partners for all your medical billing needs.When they started billing of my office, my AR was a mess, and our office billing procedures were poor. Medical Business Partners, especiallyKate and Julia, came in and immediatelyturned around our billing.They cleaned up the AR, they put in systems to help streamline the process, they helped us get credentialed when needed, and they answered any questions we had along the way.They truly care about your business and helping you get paid for your services.
  • American College of Physician

    Disha Patel

    I highly recommend anyone that is considering learning or expanding their knowledge in medical codding to attend Kate and Julia`s "3-Day Coding Boot Camp Extravaganza". They are gurus when it comes to this type of work and you can tell that they generally love what they do. Did I leave a medical coding expert? No, it is not an easy subject to learn in three days. Did I consider taking on a career I coding? Definitely! I looked into further training and adding coding to my current position. Thank you so much for Kate and Julia for taking the time in being my coaches for three days.