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With extensive experience in the Health Care Industry, we formed this group to add value to the needs of our clients by providing a plethora of individualized resources. HCBA meets on a regular basis to discuss important changes in Health Care affecting our clients’ businesses. We help each other’s clients in a variety of ways creating custom solutions, while treating each instance with care and sensitivity. We think about the provider’s best interest and how we can make a positive impact on their professional and personal lives. Whether the practice is expanding into new services, new locations or adding providers, we are there to help.

Our Mission

To help health care practitioners flourish by providing a team of professionals who offer comprehensive services and resources for health care practices to operate successfully and reach their business goals.

Team of Professionals

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience

You will be guided by our members who understand the challenges and opportunities of the health care industry

Larger Networks

You will have access to all of our networks and resources to draw from

Holistic Approach

You will receive the best advice/insights of every aspect of your business and how it affects your overall goals

Professional from the start

Members are vetted before joining the hcba family, giving you the highest level of professionalism at all times

Easy, efficient, and effective

Whether you need help with starting up, expanding, or planning for retirement, leave the headaches to us so you can focus on your patients

Team Core Values








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Our Team

Jodi Korth Chief Branding Officer, Korth Construction
Kate Gilman Co-founder, Medical Business Partners
Lisa Dorsey Partner, Interplan Inc
Christopher Rahl Partner, Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Afreen Husain Business Banker, M&T Bank
Peter Ryan Partner, Co-founder & CPA, Ryan & Wetmore, PC
Matthew Grieb Financial Advisor, Raymond James
jess massie
Jeff Massie VP, Brokerage, JLL
Carin Weiss Senior Solutions Advisor, Klik Solutions
Kricia Stiglicz Business Development Executive
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Donny Lala Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
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