Klik Solutions recently acquired a large medical company in Maryland as a client. The medical firm was concerned about security and was experiencing outages that strongly affected the operation of medical equipment. Accordingly, these issues endangered work with the clinic’s clients.

Client Profile

The medical center is one of the largest in the state with over 30 sites. The company’s specialists provide outpatient and surgical care and qualified treatment for various diseases. The company’s IT equipment includes more than 200 workstations and 30 servers, the regular shutdown of which has a negative impact on medical center work

The Challenge

Our analytic experts checked the data and found that most of the company’s workstations and servers lack antivirus and patch updates. Additionally, many workstations were low on space. Due to the above issues, there were regular server crashes and security risks.

The recommendation of the former MSP provider was a complete replacement of expensive computer equipment, which would require huge capital investments.

The Solution

  • After conducting a detailed analysis of the data, Klik proposed optimizing the workstations and servers, installing antivirus and patches, and updating the operating systems to the latest version, as well as complete security scanning of the systems.
  • As a result, a complete security plan has been put in place. A number of servers were similarly optimized, however, a few of the servers did require replacement. Additional servers were also added to increase efficiency and to ensure a better end-user experience.

The Results

  • Klik oversaw updated protection and patches for servers and workstations of the company, reducing the current security risks.
  • Klik Continues to analyze the operation of the equipment of this medical center to identify possible problems, and Klik IT support is ready to  solve any problem, any time- as soon as possible.
  • The client has significantly reduced security risks, saved money, and can me sure of the uninterrupted operation of their equipment